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Camera Monitor September 10, 2008
I converted a Boss automotive television into a camera monitor that I could use on my tripod or camera crane. I built my own 12v power pack for it so I could operate the unit anywhere on battery, or be plugged into AC power. This saved hundreds of dollars over one "made for cameras", and gives me superior quality at 450 nits!!
Building Our Own Kitchen May 21, 2008
This was the longest non-work-related project I've ever taken on. The kitchen that existed was so heinous I can hardly bear to post the pictures. Judge for yourself, and journey with me as I show you everything from tear down to the finished product.
Computer System Build - Cochrane May 5, 2007
Building my current computer system, dubbed "Cochrane" after the inventor of warp drive in the Star Trek storyline. It's an Intel Core 2 Duo 6700 at 2.66Ghz with 2GB RAM, an NVidia 8800 GTS 640MB video card, and a Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer sound card.
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